Playing Squash Safely During COVID-19

Updated 10 August 2020

Our courts have reopened.  If you wish to use them, you need to be a member of our squash club.  Click here to join.

Courts may only be booked online at up to 14 days in advance and will be available from 07:00 through to 22:00 in one-hour slots; Court 1 will run on the half-hour and Court 2 on the hour; these 60 minute sessions are designed to allow time after the game for cleaning and air circulation so the maximum time permitted for play on court is 48 minutes i.e. 6 tokens inserted in the light meters. Kindly note these £1 tokens are available – initially in £10 bags for hygiene purposes – for collection from James Knight (located near the river by Waitrose), Peter Brackley (located in Micklands) or from behind the bar in the Milestone Centre.  It is recommended you obtain your tokens at least a day in advance.

England Squash has issued comprehensive guidance/instructions embracing how future squash activity at clubs is to be conducted, and accordingly CPVA is required to formally confirm compliance with the Government’s regulations for managing the Covid-19 risk.  This means a huge set of protocols need to be followed by CPVSC members (note carefully from your booking confirmation that you are effectively declaring yourself symptom-free and agreeing to these measures by using our on-line system) and whilst there will be a set of posters displayed in the squash building highlighting the steps necessary to minimise the risk of virus transmission, I am summarising these below for ease of reference:

  • No more than two people allowed on court at any one time NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Only members from the same household or support bubble may play “normal” squash – others can play solo or indulge in a modified version named “sides”, which as the title implies involves purely a cross-court game with one person serving throughout
  • Coaching is permitted but only on a one-to-one basis
  • As a player you are to arrive (note – to facilitate potential tracking and tracing both you AND your opponent must swipe in) in your kit and ready to play, no more than 5 minutes before your designated start time; sanitise your hands on entering and later when exiting; have your own water bottle, sweat bands and towel, supplies to treat minor injuries and always take your bag on court.
  • If playing “sides” only one of you to handle the ball; don’t touch the walls; when finished wipe down any touch points, handles, light meter etc. using the cleaning materials provided.
  • Leave the door to the court open and check the gallery window is also open with fans working.
  • Don’t delay your departure from the squash building, by keeping out of the changing room, not using the showers under any circumstances and avoiding using the toilet apart from in an emergency; social distancing to be respected at all times.  The bar is open evenings and weekends if you want a drink to cool down.  Click here for details.

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