Milestone Centre Temporarily Closed for Lockdown 2

Updated 26th November 2020

We are currently reviewing our options following the Government updates earlier today.  Once we have an update we will of course share it with you so please keep an eye on your email and our social media channels.  If you have any further questions please do get in touch. 

After today’s vote in Parliament, the Government has now told all pubs, bars and leisure centres, along with a number of other places of social gathering, to close with effect from Thursday 5 November.

The Milestone Centre is therefore now temporarily closed, hopefully only until 2 December, including all of our leisure and sporting clubs and sessions, including the squash courts, until the Government restrictions are lifted further.  If your children attend one of the two childcare or educational groups, I suggest that you contact the organisers of those groups for further information.

The social club has also closed so the bar and function rooms, along with the youth and recreation wing, are also closed to members.

We will still have staff around to carry on running things, but the office will also be closed to visitors.  If you need to contact us, please contact us or call 0118 947 2589.  Please do not visit in person.  If you need access to the Centre, please get in touch to make an appointment to do so.

We hoped that we would not be back in this situation again, and it is difficult to know when and how normality will return.  Please be assured that we will do everything in our power to reopen as soon as we safely and legally can.

Please do stay safe, keep washing those hands and we’ll look forward to seeing you again,

Remember that you can always keep up to date with any developments and news on this website or our social media channels or our website at

If your membership is up for renewal, we would greatly appreciate your support by doing so now by going to  You can also make a donation when renewing, and it goes without saying that, as a charity, we would so appreciate your support at this difficult time.

We’ve been here, serving our community, for 55 years in December.  We really hope we’ll be able to have you here to celebrate it with us.  We’d love to be here for another 55 years, but we can’t do that without your continued support.

It takes a great team effort to keep the Milestone Centre open.  We receive no funding other than what we can raise from your memberships, your custom and hiring out our facilities and I’m immensely proud to have such a great team working at the Centre to keep it open for you and I thank them for their help to achieve this.  As members, I hope that you will come in to see us again, in whichever guise that it, in December and beyond, and I hope that you, your families and friends remain safe and healthy in the meantime.

Steve Bell


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