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Centre Reopening

We’re Open Again!

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s been a bug going round and we had to close.  That bug is still out there, and we all need to be careful about it, but we are reopening on 4 July 2020 and we’d love to see you back at the Milestone Centre!

We’re not able to reopen everything at the same time, so this page gives information about what we can reopen and how.  Please check below for the information relating to how you or your group use the Centre!  This page will be updated when we know more!

Information on this page:

  • Social Club – UPDATED 24/9/20 – Jump to Social Club
  • Pool, Darts and Bar Games – UPDATED 18/8/20 – SCROLL DOWN!
  • Squash Club – UPDATED 10/8/20 – Jump to Squash
  • Badminton Club – UPDATED 1/8/20 – Jump to Badminton
  • Table Tennis Club – UPDATED 1/8/20 – Jump to Table Tennis
  • Bridge Club – Jump to Bridge
  • Drama Group – UPDATED 1/8/20 – Jump to Drama

Social Club and Bar

When you Arrive

First of all, we have reopen for members, also please feel free to bring a guest but please ensure you sign them in the guest book at the front door.  We have to record who comes in to the Centre to support NHS Test and Trace so every member will have to scan their membership card at the door (even if you’re following someone through the door) so you must have your card with you when you visit. With your membership card you can sign people in, in the guest book with your members name!  To avoid contact and cash handling, we won’t be handling membership changes at the centre so:

  • If you’re not a member, click here to join.
  • If you’re an existing member or your membership has expired, click here to:
  • Purchase a new membership card – sign in and click “Visit Store”
  • Renew your membership – sign in and click Renew.
  • Check your membership or your personal details – sign in and click “View or Edit” My Details.
  • All membership enquiries should be emailed to membership@cpva.org.uk and not made at the bar.

Please be aware that membership cards take five days to produce and arrive before you can use them.

Please check your membership before you visit – you’ll only be able to join or renew online and cards won’t be available at the centre!

Hand sanitiser stations will be available at the entrance.  Please use them as you enter to clean your hands.  Please also wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds – particularly if you have contact with other customers

Bar Opening Hours

They’re very similar to our normal hours:

  • Monday to Tuesday: 6pm to 9pm
  • Wednesday: 6pm to 10pm
  • Thursday to Friday: 4pm to 10pm
  • Saturday: 12.30pm to 10pm
  • Sunday (and public holidays): 12.30pm to 10pm

We’ll keep the opening hours under review and changes will be posted here.  The summer months are here, so who knows!

Ordering Drinks 

UPDATED – 18/8/20

Go to the bar where indicated (left hand side) to order your drinks then return to your seat.  The bar staff will call you to collect your order from the collection point (right hand side) or bring them to your table.

You must not wait at the bar – return to your seat and wait for your drinks.

Payment can be card or cash.

Our staff will also have a lot more to do – please bear in mind that service is likely to be slower than usual.

Regrettably, we’ve had to increase some of our prices due to increased costs.

One-Way System

You should only come in through the front door.  Swipe you card to unlock the door.  No card; no entry – see above.  The bar staff will not unlock the door for you so make sure you have your card with you.

To reduce congestion in the hallway and access to the toilets, a clearly signed one-way system is in place.  Please follow this to safeguard your health, your friends, family and other customers.


UPDATED – 18/8/20

Everything we’re doing is to make sure that our premises are safe for our customers and staff and that depends on good compliance with all our measures.  Therefore, children will be allowed inside the bar if remained seated and it is the responsibility of the adults to ensure this happens, however we do have lots of lovely space outside to be used at any time. Children under 12yrs will have to go to the toilet with an adult, and they must be supervised by their parent or guardian to the toilet doors and the parent or guardian is responsible for using the cleaning materials to clean the toilet handle and taps after use.

Children are all welcome, however on a Friday and Saturday we ask that all under 18s are out of the premise by 8:30pm (with the exception of events), when outside please ensure that they remain seated if using the patio area for the safety of our other guests, of course there are large areas of open park land around the Centre if you choose to use them. 


All customers inside the premises will need to be sitting down.  Our tables have been moved so that they are 2 metres apart.  You are responsible for maintaining social distance at the tables (face-to-face across the tables with whoever you’re with) in line with current Government guidance.  Remember that if you’re with someone who has the virus but no symptoms, close contact can pass the virus on – maintain correct social distancing.

The outside patio and surrounding park area are also open for you to enjoy the summer weather.  The patio tables have been moved to be 2 metres apart but again, maintain social distancing when sitting with other people at the tables.  If you’re sitting outside, drinks will be served in plastic glasses, and we do have extra chairs to social distance outside and umbrella’s to use.


We will be cleaning the touch points in the toilets such as the toilet handles, taps and door handles regularly.  You can really help us maintain good hygiene by using the sanitiser after you use the facilities.

Bar Games 

UPDATED – 18/8/20

Pool tables is open, we have both of our tables back in use and have all cleaning product and wipes available, only the player which is playing is allowed to stand otherwise everyone is to be remained on seats. No cues will be giving out or held at the centre, so please bring your own. Please also remember change for the machine, as we have very little change in the till.

Darts is also available with social distancing, please bring your own darts as the centre with not have any in use.

The games machine is back and running with a screen please bare in mine the rules and to clean your hands regularly. The fruit machine will be up and running very soon as we are getting a new machine put in.   

We also have BT sport and sky sports to watch all the latest football cricket etc.. come on down and support your teams. 

If You Have Symptoms of the Virus

Do not come to the Centre.  If you have symptoms or suspect you have, STAY AT HOME – click here for guidance.

Private Hire

We are not taking bookings for parties in the function room at the moment.  See “Room Hire” below.

Any Questions?

You can contact the Centre here or call us on 0118 947 2035.


Updated 10 August 2020

Our courts have reopened.  If you wish to use them, you need to be a member of our squash club.  Click here to join.

Courts may only be booked online at http://cpva.org.uk/sport/ up to 14 days in advance and will be available from 07:00 through to 22:00 in one-hour slots; Court 1 will run on the half-hour and Court 2 on the hour; these 60 minute sessions are designed to allow time after the game for cleaning and air circulation so the maximum time permitted for play on court is 48 minutes i.e. 6 tokens inserted in the light meters. Kindly note these £1 tokens are available – initially in £10 bags for hygiene purposes – for collection from James Knight (located near the river by Waitrose), Peter Brackley (located in Micklands) or from behind the bar in the Milestone Centre.  It is recommended you obtain your tokens at least a day in advance. 

England Squash has issued comprehensive guidance/instructions embracing how future squash activity at clubs is to be conducted, and accordingly CPVA is required to formally confirm compliance with the Government’s regulations for managing the Covid-19 risk.  This means a huge set of protocols need to be followed by CPVSC members (note carefully from your booking confirmation that you are effectively declaring yourself symptom-free and agreeing to these measures by using our on-line system) and whilst there will be a set of posters displayed in the squash building highlighting the steps necessary to minimise the risk of virus transmission, I am summarising these below for ease of reference: 

  • No more than two people allowed on court at any one time NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Only members from the same household or support bubble may play “normal” squash – others can play solo or indulge in a modified version named “sides”, which as the title implies involves purely a cross-court game with one person serving throughout
  • Coaching is permitted but only on a one-to-one basis
  • As a player you are to arrive (note – to facilitate potential tracking and tracing both you AND your opponent must swipe in) in your kit and ready to play, no more than 5 minutes before your designated start time; sanitise your hands on entering and later when exiting; have your own water bottle, sweat bands and towel, supplies to treat minor injuries and always take your bag on court.
  • If playing “sides” only one of you to handle the ball; don’t touch the walls; when finished wipe down any touch points, handles, light meter etc. using the cleaning materials provided.
  • Leave the door to the court open and check the gallery window is also open with fans working.
  • Don’t delay your departure from the squash building, by keeping out of the changing room, not using the showers under any circumstances and avoiding using the toilet apart from in an emergency; social distancing to be respected at all times.  The bar is open evenings and weekends if you want a drink to cool down.  Click here for details. 


Updated 1 August 2020

Individual badminton sessions are now available if you wish to play in your own private group.,  For more information please contact the office.

The regular group sessions are hoping to restart from September on Monday evenings, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  For more information about these group sessions, please contact Bob Bonson,

You should also read the information from Badminton England about the restriction imposed within the game to allow for playing Badminton safely within the COVID-19 pandemic which you would be required to observe.

Table Tennis

Updated 1 August 2020.

Out table tennis group is planning to restart their practice sessions soon though it is currently unclear as to when the league play will resume.  Anyone who would like to play can join and practice sessions can be arranged.

For more information, please contact John Crosfield.

You should also read the guidance from Table Tennis England who have laid down the framework for safe play during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We’re not sure when the bridge club will start meeting.  More information will be posted here when we have it.


Updated 1 October 2020

Our drama group are hoping to start meeting again from January and are hoping to put on a production in May.  Details are still being finalised so check back here for more updates.

Room Hire

We are able to take bookings for room hire, but the activity for which the room is being booked many not be allowed under Government restrictions about public gatherings or events of a sporting nature.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the gathering or the more strenuous the activity, the less likely it is to be allowed.  Hires for smaller groups which allow social distancing between attendees are likely to be more appropriate.  We are aware of the “rule of six” so you should be too!

Please contact us for more guidance with as much information about your requirements so we can check it out for you.